STAR Foundation is unlike many non-profit organizations. There are no professional fund raisers or public relations people on staff. We depend exclusively on volunteers.

Services Provided by Volunteers Essential to Our Success

We need volunteers who are willing to rescue and transport animals between veterinarians and rehabilitation specialists. We offer a class each Spring to train those interested in animal rescue. If you are interested in attending or becoming a volunteer please or call our office at 631-736-8207. You can even get started right now - download our volunteer application package (PDF).

We Also Need

  • People to build cages, bat houses, and nest boxes at their homes to be erected in locations where the animals will be cared for or released
  • Volunteers to plan fundraising events to benefit our program
  • Veterinarians to participate in our program, providing emergency and surgical care when needed
  • Foster homes and adoption counselors for the exotic pets
  • Volunteer speakers who will provide educational programs for children and adults to teach them about our native wildlife