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Member Update April 2019

Baby season is cranking up, and bunnies and squirrels are here getting hand fed round the clock. Bigger birds already have babies that are falling out of nests, and people doing tree and yard work provide a steady stream of displaced animals.

The STAR staff has been stretched to keep up with the daily maintenance as well as the new patients arriving daily. We are looking forward to new volunteers and interns starting soon, and will hopefully be able to provide care for as many animals as we have space for this season.

We have several events coming up that we hope you will find interesting. Remember, we need to do fundraising events to raise money if we are going to keep our wildlife programs going.

Fundraisers need volunteers to run them, so if anyone wants to join us and work on that aspect of our organization we would love to hear from you!

STAR Baby Shower

For the entire month of June, you are invited to not attend – but send your support through a donation to help us support the programs or a gift of much needed supplies that we use to care for the hundreds of little critters who come to us this time of year.

Some of the items we'll purchase with your donation: 

  • HE liquid Laundry detergent
  • Clorox bleach
  • Does Match milk replacer (Neptune feeds/Calverton)
  • KMR milk replacer
  • Unflavored Pedialyte
  • Raw unsalted nuts
  • Dried unsweetened fruits
  • Cheerios
  • Single ingredient baby foods (meats/fruits/veggies)
  • Timothy hay
  • Carefresh bedding
  • Contractor garbage bags

You can donate right now from the Donate button in the right-hand column, or you can send your donation to STAR Foundation, P.O. Box 519, Middle Island, NY 11953.

Thank you!

STAR Foundation Friends and Family Backyard BBQ

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Everyone’s favorite event – a celebration to send off our interns back to college, and to thank our hard working volunteers who help us make it through the baby season.

All our members are welcome, and we hope you will bring your friends and families along.

There will be live music by the Barry Brothers and lots of great food prepared by our grill master Bruce and his team. There will be lots of vegetarian and vegan options, so come hungry.

Tickets are $25 per person, and include a chance for the door prize raffle.

This event is held at the Wildlife Center in Middle Island – rain or shine (as last year's attendees know all too well).

RSVP by email , or by phone, 631-736-8207.

Buy-a-Board Fundraiser

Starting now – until we collect all we need!

There are endless building projects here at STAR, and materials are always needed to complete the jobs.

We need fence (deck) lumber for stall dividers, floors in outside aviaries, and fence repairs. We need pressure treated 4 x 4s and rolls of welded wire. Plywood, exterior paints, nails, screws, and shingles – all add up quickly.

We are asking for donations of $10 to “buy a board”. You can, of course, buy as many boards as you like – and we will keep on building and expanding our habitats with your help.

You can donate right now from the Donate button in the right-hand column, or you can send your donation to STAR Foundation, P.O. Box 519, Middle Island, NY 11953.

Thank you!

Mini Black and Mini Paint

Last March 17, STAR Foundation pulled two mini horses from a kill pen in Pennsylvania just hours before they were to go on a slaughterhouse bound trailer.

The "girls" are here at STAR and getting all fixed up so they can find new, permanent homes when they are ready. STAR volunteers made this possible by raising the money needed to do this in less than 2 hours on our Facebook page.

We were genuinely overwhelmed with that outpouring of generosity. We know that there are many mixed emotions about buying up animals to keep them from slaughter, and we do agree that we have not changed the world – but we have changed it for these two little lives.

We hope to be able to do things like this again, and next time, maybe with a bit more lead time. But for now – thank you to all who helped and to all who support the STAR programs.

Save the Animals

Don’t forget that without your support we cannot save the animals. Donate, volunteer, and spread the word. Follow us on Facebook. Don’t buy – adopt. Everything you do, no matter how little it may seem, makes a difference to an animal that cannot help itself.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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