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Calling all Rehabbers!

Babies, babies, babies. Squirrels and bunnies – opossums just starting to show up, and baby owls, baby doves, and baby deer are right around the corner. We are hoping that many independent rehabilitators will contact us and let us know what they are available to help with, but right now we are having little luck lining up places for the babies to go. 

Licensed rehabilitators are volunteers, and many are now dealing with having kids out of school, or having to work from home. Lots of rehabilitators are also front line workers, nurses and vet techs, EMTs and food supply, which means they may not have time to take on rehab babies at this time. We are taking in as many as we can support – but if you are a rehabber and can help out, please contact STAR and let us know how to reach you.

Virtual Baby Shower

Our Virtual Baby Shower is usually held every spring, and it is the only fundraiser we can still hold as it is based on social distancing!! You are invited – but you are not expected to attend, or wrap a gift, or spend several dollars on a card! Your invitation includes a wish list, and you can “buy” (donate) the cost of the items you want to give. Watch for your invitation, by email or on Facebook!

Mini Horse Update

Last year we rescued two mini horses from a horrible fate. It was one of the most moving outpourings of support we have ever seen here at STAR. We called upon our followers to help us save these girls, and within hours the money was pledged and the horses were on their way to safety.

Every week far too many “pet” horses are sent off to die because there is no viable option for the huge number of unwanted equines in this country. Horses are allowed to breed with no plan for their placement. They live many years and often get passed from home to home, only to be sold off to kill pens when they become older or unsound. 

Our rescue of the two little girls was rewarding, but was so little in the larger picture. We hope that once our world returns to closer to normal (it may never actually be as it was) that we can continue to fight for kinder options for unwanted equines, and may be able to help others soon.

Thank You!

Animal rescues, wildlife rehabilitators and many other small nonprofits are going to suffer, and perhaps experience irreversible damage as a result of this pandemic. We encourage everyone to be safe, be smart, and together let’s do what we can to get this monster under control. 

Even as we continue to mourn our losses, when everyone is back to work we will show our strength by picking up the pieces, evaluating and rebuilding. Until then, keep positive and remember the animals still need us no matter what. STAR will continue to do as much as we can, with your support. Thank you, and stay well.

Buy-a-Board Fundraiser

Starting now – until we collect all we need!

There are endless building projects here at STAR, and materials are always needed to complete the jobs.

We need fence (deck) lumber for stall dividers, floors in outside aviaries, and fence repairs. We need pressure treated 4 x 4s and rolls of welded wire. Plywood, exterior paints, nails, screws, and shingles – all add up quickly.

We are asking for donations of $10 to “buy a board”. You can, of course, buy as many boards as you like – and we will keep on building and expanding our habitats with your help.

You can donate right now from the Donate button in the right-hand column, or you can send your donation to STAR Foundation, P.O. Box 519, Middle Island, NY 11953.

Thank you!

Save the Animals

Don’t forget that without your support we cannot save the animals. Donate, volunteer, and spread the word. Follow us on Facebook. Don’t buy – adopt. Everything you do, no matter how little it may seem, makes a difference to an animal that cannot help itself.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for all upcoming events – please contact us if you think you are interested in helping!

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