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Please provide the names and phone numbers of three people and one veterinarian (none related to you) who know / have known you and your pets.
If you are adopting a cat and currently own one or more cats, you will need to provide proof that your current cat(s) has been tested for FIV/FcLV (feline combo test) and is negative. Do you agree to this?
We ask each adopter for an adoption donation at the time of the adoption in order to defray the cost of veterinary and foster care. Do you agree to this?
All potential adopters must agree to a home visit. This is to ensure that our rescued pets are being adopted into safe homes. Are you willing to have someone visit your home and check references prior to the adoption?
Would you agree to provide all necessary veterinary care, have the rescued pet spayed/neutered (if not already done), and keep proper identification on the rescued pet (if possible) at all times?
Are you willing to sign an adoption contract?
If, for any reason, the new pet doesn't work out in your home, do you agree to return the pet to the rescue volunteer without refund of any adoption donations paid?
Do you, the undersigned, understand that any misrepresentation of yourself or any untruths in the information you have provided herein will invalidate any adoption agreement and will give the rescue volunteer the right to reclaim the pet without refund of any adoption donations paid?

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